About Everactive

Self-powered IoT systems unlock a new age

of data intelligence for our physical world.

Our Story

Everactive is a deep technology company whose self-powered IoT origins stretch back over a decade to the pioneering ultra-low-power circuit research of our co-founders at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Upon receiving their doctorates, each took teaching positions at their respective alma maters—the University of Virginia and the University of Michigan.  After several years of incubation and several groundbreaking proof points for self-powered IoT systems, the technology was licensed out of those two universities; Everactive was born.


The core circuit design and wireless communication IP has served as the building block for Everactive’s batteryless, self-powered IoT systems.  The company has since added all of the requisite pieces—cloud software, data analytics, systems expertise, and industrial design—to develop a complete end-to-end sensing solution.  Now, with the technology fully commercialized, Everactive continues to innovate with a suite of industrial sensing products focused on delivering critical insights that are simply not possible with battery-powered devices.

Our Vision

To improve the quality & efficiency
of peoples’ lives by enabling the
next computing revolution with self-powered IoT systems.

Technology Milestones

Redefining the Radio


With a sub-threshold digital baseband for addressing interference rejection, the world’s first sub-micro Watt always-on wakeup receiver fundamentally changes the approach to designing a wireless network.

Revolutionizing Power Management


Able to operate continuously from only a few degrees Celsius across a thermoelectric generator, Everactive’s first energy harvesting power management unit recorded the lowest startup and operating voltages and demonstrated the ability to power devices entirely from low levels of harvested energy.

Inventing Batteryless IoT


Integrating sensing, processing, memory, radios, energy harvesting-power management, Everactive created a fully integrated wireless system-on-chip that consumed a mere 6.5 µW of average active power while operating a physiological wearable device.  That was orders of magnitude lower than what “low power” devices had achieved to date!

Engineering Self-Powered Systems


IP related to several core circuit block radio, power management, and design were the foundation to assemble small form-factor and flexible packaged devices to be deployed in rugged industrial applications.  With the ability to harvest energy from multiple sources and sense an array of inputs, our Eversensor was built for hazardous locations and harsh environments to collect data where others can’t.

Building the End-to-End Solution


Because we’re able to collect data that others can’t, we require expertise in networking, software analytics, and data science to help make sense of sensed data. We continue to add world-class talent in these fields so that we can seamlessly deliver insights across a range of assets and within a range of environments.

Steam Trap Monitoring


Everactive released a completely self-powered Steam Trap Monitoring solution that provides real-time insights via a proprietary algorithm, offering a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution that can save an array of industries tens of billions of dollars and dramatically reduce wasted energy and carbon emissions.

Machine Health Monitoring


Based upon Everactive’s Gen 2 chip platform, this product not only incorporate the ability to perform continuous vibration analysis, but also improves the wireless range, power requirements, and edge computing capabilities of the Eversensor network.  The Machine Health Monitoring solution provides always-on insight into the health of rotating machines (motors, pumps, fans, compressors, etc.) in order to reduce downtime, optimize maintenance costs, and improve energy efficiency throughout a range of operations.

Our Investors

New Enterprise Associates

New Enterprise Associates, Inc. (NEA) is a global venture capital firm with more than $20 billion in cumulative committed capital since the firm’s founding in 1977.  The firm’s long track record of successful investing includes more than 220 portfolio company IPOs and more than 370 acquisitions.

Fluke Corporation

Fluke Corporation is the world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools and software for measuring and condition monitoring. Fluke customers are technicians, engineers, electricians, maintenance managers, and metrologists who install, troubleshoot, and maintain industrial, electrical, and electronic equipment and calibration processes.

40 North Ventures

40 North Ventures is 40 North’s early-to-growth stage venture capital fund focused on technologies in the industrial sector that enable businesses to be more data-driven, agile, consumer-centric and environmentally sustainable.

ABB Technology Ventures

ABB Technology Ventures (ATV) is the venture capital unit of ABB Group. ATV partners with breakthrough technology companies aligned with ABB’s goal to write the future of industrial digitalization and has invested more than $200 million into start-ups spanning a range of sectors including robotics, drones, industrial IoT, AI/machine learning, cybersecurity and distributed energy.

Future Fund

The Future Fund is Australia’s sovereign wealth fund. Its role is to generate high, risk-adjusted returns over the long-term. Future Fund operates independently from Government and tailors the management of each fund to its unique investment mandate.

Blue Bear Capital

Blue Bear is a venture capital and growth equity firm driving digital technologies into multi-billion-dollar verticals across the energy industry.  Blue Bear’s portfolio covers AI, IoT, and cyber security technologies, all deployed with leading enterprise customers as they improve the economics of wind, solar, and storage while driving efficiencies across the energy industry.


Since 2009, OUP has been the most active venture capital investor in university startups. Through a deep relationship with almost 100 universities, OUP has backed over 90 of the best and most exciting companies based on university research. OUP has approximately $600M under management and is currently investing out of a $273M fund launched in 2019.


IQT is the not-for-profit strategic investor that accelerates the development and delivery of cutting-edge technologies to national security agencies. IQT occupies a distinct role at the intersection of all stakeholders – government customers, the venture capital community, and the startup world.

Asahi Kasei

The Asahi Kasei Group contributes to life and living for people around the world. Since its foundation in 1922 with ammonia and cellulose fiber business, Asahi Kasei has consistently grown through the proactive transformation of its business portfolio to meet the evolving needs of every age. With more than 40,000 employees around the world, the company contributes to sustainable society by providing solutions to the world’s challenges through its three business sectors of Material, Homes, and Health Care.

TOP Ventures

TOP Ventures Co., Ltd., an entity under Thaioil Group, is incorporated since 2019. TOP Ventures’ main businesses are a Venture investment in Venture Capital funds and startups, and a Venture partnership with Startups in Thailand and internationally.

Armstrong International

Armstrong delivers intelligent system solutions that improve utility performance, lower energy consumption, and reduce environmental emissions while providing and enjoyable experience.

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