Machine Health Monitoring

Always-on condition monitoring for all rotating equipment.
Reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and extend asset life.

Batteryless condition monitoring maximizes returns on Industrial IoT

Realize all the benefits of wireless condition monitoring without the added maintenance required by battery-powered alternatives.  Now, you can have the best of both worlds.  Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), optimize maintenance routes, minimize unplanned downtime, and extend machine lifetime—all without steep upfront hardware costs, cumbersome technology integration, and costly ongoing battery upkeep.

The most cost-effective method for
24/7 insight into your machinery

For vibration analysts, the process of collecting, reviewing, and reporting on machine health can be time consuming — hours spent traveling to and from sites and machinery, accessing hard-to-reach equipment, waiting for machines to actually be on!  Everactive’s self-powered sensors let vibration analysts remotely and continuously monitor machinery to increase coverage, maximize service reliability, and equipment uptime.  With always-on condition monitoring, only maintain machines that require your attention.

Condition Monitoring with Batteryless Sensors

MHM Features

  • Compatible with motors, pumps, fans, gear boxes
  • Vibration analysis in 3-axes up to 1kHz
  • Machine & ambient temperature
  • VFD output
  • Data sampling & transmission every 60 seconds
  • Batteryless sensors powered from temperature differentials and light
  • Eversensors rated for 20-years without requiring any routine maintenance
  • Simple configuration via Evercloud
  • Detailed analysis via Evercloud
  • Alerts & notifications via email and text messages
  • APIs to bridge data into existing CMMS
  • Best-in-class data security & privacy
  • Class I, Division 2
  • IP66
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Batteryless condition monitoring

brings you the data you need.

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