Machine Vibration Monitoring

Always-on condition monitoring for all rotating equipment.

Reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and extend asset life.

The smart factory is within reach

Batteryless condition monitoring brings you the continuous data you need.

Why Machine Health Monitoring?

Consequential Damages

  • A motor bearing fails and breaks the rotor or stator of a motor
  • Repairing the bearing before it fails would have cost $500
  • Repairing the rotor and stator of the motor now costs $50,000


Consequential Downtime

  • The failed motor takes 6 weeks to repair
  • A full production line is taken down for 4 days while a new motor is expedited
  • Loss of production and product quality issues is 10x the cost of repairing the motor and 100x the cost of repairing the failed bearing

Get Smart & Move From Preventive to Predictive Maintenance

Nelson Baxter, ABM Technical Services CEO, provides a vibrant overview on maintenance philosophies, its current challenges, and where the future of predictive maintenance is heading.

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The Evolution of Vibration Monitoring

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Why You Should Care About Machine Health Monitoring

Early detection of machine faults is a key piece of a comprehensive predictive maintenance program.
Maintenance Manager
  • Replacing the whole machine or multiple parts from an equipment failure
  • Experiencing large workload on maintenance personnel
  • Incurring excessive expedite cost for new parts & equipment
  • Experiencing large backlog & long leads times on repair work orders
Operations Manager
  • Experiencing decreased production rates
  • Incurring frequent production line shutdowns
  • Suffering increased production quality problems
EH&S Manager
  • Experiencing increased reportable accidents from equipment failures
  • Incurring frequent emissions breaches from upset operations
  • Responding to fire and explosion events from equipment failures


Issues with Your Current Vibration Monitoring Solution?

If you are looking to expand your existing vibration program and are experiencing these issues, Machine Vibration Monitoring might be the right solution to get your program into the next gear.

  • Data collection is slow or infrequent
  • Not enough vibration analysts to cover all the equipment
  • Vibration analyst spends too much time collecting data and not analyzing it
  • Defective data quality impacts failure prediction
  • Insufficient data to effectively predict a failure
  • Equipment difficult to access or not available during the route
  • Cost prohibitive to collect sufficient data to predict a failure in all equipment

Machine Health Monitoring


Machine Vibration Monitoring Components

Machine Vibration Eversensor
  • 3-axis vibration sensor – 6Hz to 3.2kHz
  • Temperature sensor – ambient + machine surface
  • Relative humidity sensor
  • Magnetic field sensor – VFD output
  • Machine attachment: magnetic, stud mount, or epoxy


Temperature Harvester
  • Operates from as little as 15˚F temperature differential between motor surface and ambient
  • Connect multiple harvesters to each Machine Health Eversensor if needed
  • Machine Attachment: magnetic, metal tabs
Light Harvester
  • Operates with as little as 66 Lux of light intensity
  • Works with artificial light – incandescent, LED or fluorescent
  • Works with outdoor sunlight
  • Machine attachment: Magnetic
  • Non-line-of-sight range: 250m
  • Line-of-sight range: 1km
  • High sensor density: up to 1,000 Eversensors per Evergateway

Machine Vibration Monitoring Features

  • Compatible with motors, pumps, fans, gear boxes
  • Fulltime waveform once a day with 4,096 lines of resolution
  • Overall velocity and peak acceleration trending
  • Data sampling & transmission every 15 seconds (60 seconds default)
  • Eversensors rated for 20-years without requiring any routine maintenance
  • Simple configuration via Evercloud
  • Detailed analysis via Evercloud
  • Visual frame of reference with asset image upload
  • Sensor associated to machine train with hierarchy view by location, facility, process, etc.
  • Overlay frequencies by running speed to determine fault issue type
  • Multi-tiered fault alarms
  • Alerts & notifications via email and text messages
  • APIs to bridge data into existing CMMS
  • Best-in-class data security & privacy
  • Class I, Division 2
  • IP66

Machine Vibration fault conditions

  • Unbalance or Imbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Bent Shaft
  • Looseness
  • Vane / Blade Pass
  • Soft Foot
  • Eccentric Motor Rotation
  • Resonance
  • Oil Whirl (Sleeve / Journal Bearings)
  • Late Stage Rolling Element Bearings
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Batteryless condition monitoring maximizes returns on Industrial IoT

Realize all the benefits of wireless condition monitoring without the added maintenance required by battery-powered alternatives.  Now, you can have the best of both worlds.  Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), optimize maintenance routes, minimize unplanned downtime, and extend machine lifetime—all without steep upfront hardware costs, cumbersome technology integration, and costly ongoing battery upkeep.

The most cost-effective method for
24/7 insight into your machinery

For vibration analysts, the process of collecting, reviewing, and reporting on machine health can be time consuming — hours spent traveling to and from sites and machinery, accessing hard-to-reach equipment, waiting for machines to actually be on!  Everactive’s self-powered sensors let vibration analysts remotely and continuously monitor machinery to increase coverage, maximize service reliability, and equipment uptime.  With always-on condition monitoring, only maintain machines that require your attention.

Everactive API

Everactive’s self-powered solutions can now integrate seamlessly into any computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution using an open Application Programming Interface (API) to provide continuous, maintenance-free monitoring of steam traps and machines.

Donwload API Solution Brief

Webinar - Introduction to Machine Vibration Monitoring

Machine Vibration Monitoring Solution Brief

Do you want to learn more? The Everactive Machine Vibration Monitoring (MVM) solution brief offers a quick outline of its benefits and product features

Donwload MVM Solution Brief

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