Batteryless Sensors
Always-On Intelligence

Leveraging over a decade of circuit technology R&D,
batteryless Eversensors require such minuscule amounts of power that they can sense, process, and wirelessly transmit data continuously —all from energy harvesting.

Energy Harvesting

Achieve batteryless operation by generating all required power from multiple low-level energy harvesting sources, including indoor solar, thermal gradients, RF, vibration, and more. Store and manage energy for reliable operation across varying environmental conditions.

Ultra-Low-Power Radios

A mix of standards-compliant and proprietary integrated radios creates extremely energy efficient wireless communication that span broad data rates (up to Mbps) and communication ranges (km+) and paves the way for continuous batteryless operation.

Flexible Sensor Hub

Interface with an array of sensors using on-board analog and digital front ends, data conversion, and amplifiers to create an extensible platform that can sense temperature, humidity, vibration, acceleration, and more—all within the batteryless power scheme.

Edge Computing

Integrated programmable processors allow on-board data processing to extract information locally for lower energy operation. Specialized, hardware-accelerated signal processing radically improves energy efficiency, which enables batteryless edge computing.

Why Can’t Batteries Power the Internet of Things?

913 M
daily battery replacements in a trillion-sensor world
28 B
person labor force to maintain batteries
labor hours added each day to a 10k asset facility
Batteries represent a logistically prohibitive maintenance problem that requires a mind-boggling maintenance workforce, presenting a daunting challenge for individual facilities where maintenance resources are already at capacity.

Eversensor: the Solution to the Battery Problem

Eversensors support an array of sensors and energy harvesting modalities,
making systems configurable to a wide-range of high-value applications.
No batteries required.

Harvesting Sources

  • Completely batteryless – energy harvesting from hybrid sources
  • Indoor solar – dimly lit facilities < 100 Lux
  • Thermal gradients – down to 10°F differential

Sensing Capabilities

  • Ambient temperature
  • Remote temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Vibration
  • Acceleration
  • Acoustic
  • Pressure
  • Gas

Managed Network Approach:
One-Stop-Shop IoT Provider

We combine all the required components, so you don’t have to.
Our solutions are “as-a-service,” so we take care of everything—
from batteryless sensing hardware and configuration to wireless networking and data management—to deliver real-time alerts and status updates via our easy-to-use Evercloud dashboard.

Monitored Assets

Realize your digitization goals by outfitting your entire facility with Everactive insights.


Flexible Eversensors can be deployed on almost any asset in any environment, without ever requiring a battery.

Evernet Protocol

Proprietary & standards-compliant wireless protocol establishes always-on communication through an IoT gateway with up to 1,000 Eversensors at a range of several-hundred meters.

Managed Network

In real-time, focus on what matters—the insights and analysis from ever-growing data sets.

Powering the Future from the World Around Us

Everactive is driving a new information age based on a new class of data that bridges the physical and digital worlds.