Shape the Future at Everactive

We're actively hiring and on the lookout for
a diverse range of backgrounds & skill sets.

Our Core Values

Pioneering Ideas

To revolutionize computing, we look for the best ideas without being constrained by existing approaches.  This clean slate, first principles approach expands our creative scope and helps us lead development of the next-generation IIoT with field-changing technology.

Rigorous, Honest Thinking

We approach all of our endeavors with intellectual honesty and rigor.  This honesty leads us to careful self-evaluation – identifying and admitting what we do not know – and to making hard decisions when we believe they are right.

One Team

We are a team of diverse individuals aligned by a common vision of the future of computing.  We are strongest when we respect and embrace our differences.  This requires that we share our thoughts, ask questions, and candidly provide feedback and encouragement to others.  We are passionately committed to inclusion across race, gender, age, beliefs, identity, orientation, and life experiences that make us unique.  Our diversity drives our greatest achievements.

Live Well, Work Well

We believe that there are many things in life that are more important than work and that a fulfilling life outside of work makes it easier to do excellent work when you are focusing on the work part of life.  Likewise, working well makes life more fulfilling.

Define a New Path

Creativity is at our core.  If we want to truly revolutionize the ways in which people interact with the world, it is going to take a significantly different approach to solving problems.  At Everactive, every idea deserves the chance to grow.  We value the intellectual rigor that accompanies the process of distilling innovative solutions and putting them into practice.

We seek individuals who crave a challenge—individuals who thrive on uncertainty and are inspired by the rare opportunity to turn a paradigm on its head.  More importantly, we seek individuals who flourish as members of diverse and multifaceted teams—individuals who succeed through constant collaboration with colleagues.

The Perks of Working at Everactive

  • Competitive market salary, plus equity options in a high-growth company
  • Premium health, dental, vision, and life insurance, with 100% coverage
  • Gym membership and cell phone stipends
  • 401k retirement plan
  • Flexible working hours & unlimited PTO policy that we actually use
  • Relocation assistance & immigration sponsorship
  • Fully stocked kitchen & weekly catered lunches

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