Hyperscale IoT

All the building blocks to develop batteryless, self-powered Internet of Things applications.

The Easiest Way to Reach Hyperscale

Data acquisition & management made easy so that you can realize your organization's connected products vision.

Hyperscale IoT

(hy●per●scale i●o●t) n

  1. High-density wireless sensor networks that generate many more data points in space much more frequently in time.

  2. A self-sustaining physical-world data fabric that delivers new, high-value insights to improve the quality & efficiency of peoples’ lives.

  3. The full potential of the Internet of Things.

Ditch the Battery

Go batteryless with the Everactive Edge to develop the most sustainable solutions. Reach hyperscale IoT today!

How It Works

Everactive gets you the data you need so you can focus on transforming that data into high-value applications and insights for end users.

Select Your Everactive Edge Device

Choose from ready-to-deploy Eversensors or configurable modules, optimizing sensing and energy harvesting options for your hyperscale IoT application.  Everactive provides the gateway hardware required to stream real-time data to your software of choice.

Activate Your Data Subscription

Everactive’s managed network service ensures connectivity, uptime, and reliable & secure data transfer throughout the tech stack.  This includes Everactive’s breakthrough low-power Evernet protocol, as well as a variety of backhaul options (LTE, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet).

Build Your Hyperscale IoT Application

With a secure and steady stream of new data seamlessly provided by Everactive’s hardware and subscription service, you can focus on transforming that data into high-value insights to package as innovative, hyperscale IoT applications to your end users.

Data Services Offering

Batteryless systems + managed data subscriptions = Seamless delivery of hyperscale IoT data to enable the development of innovative and impactful IoT applications.

Data Acquisition Hardware

Everactive's patented batteryless systems offer flexible & extensible
optionality to generate streams of rich, new, high-value data sets.

Energy Harvesting

Power exclusively and continuously from micro-renewable energy:

  • Dim indoor light
  • Outdoor light
  • Small temperature differentials

Sensing Inputs

Measure a range of data with multi-purpose Eversensor devices:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Remote temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • 3x acceleration (shock & drop + vibration)
  • Magnetic field
  • Plug & play modularity

Wireless Network

Deploy large-scale wireless networks with minimal infrastructure:

  • Long-range: hundreds of meters
  • Dense: up to 1k nodes per gateway
  • Penetrability: sub-GHz protocol
  • Backhaul: LTE, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet

Managed Data Network Subscription

Everactive removes the friction from managing dense data sets so that developers can focus on transforming that data into high-value insights.

Network Operations

Everactive monitors, manages, and ensures network performance:

  • Eversensor & Evergateway health
  • Uptime management & guarantees
  • Over-the-air firmware updates

Best-in-Class Security

End-to-end security for data protection & business continuity:

  • Edge-to-cloud encryption
  • Robust cloud security strategy
  • High availability & resiliency

Data Integration

Supports flexible options to get your data where it needs to go:

  • RESTful API
  • Webhook service
  • IoT protocols

Why Today's IoT Cannot Scale


Developers of connected IoT solutions have struggled to achieve widespread adoption because they have been forced to build with the same fundamentally limited technology toolkits. Those underlying electronics are plagued by a continued reliance on batteries and inadequate wireless communication options—both of which have stopped countless IoT products dead in their tracks.  They cannot achieve the hyperscale IoT long imagined.

Problem 1:
Batteries Cannot Scale

Logistically, economically, and environmentally, batteries will not scale. Practically, they force users to swap one maintenance event for another.

Limited Lifetimes

Batteries require inevitable, irregular, unpredictable maintenance cycles that erases many of the core benefits of remote monitoring.  Users want real-time insight from afar without having to worry about the health of their IoT device.

Limited Robustness

Batteries are not designed for the harsh environmental settings characteristic of many real-world IoT applications.  Instead, these environments rapidly deplete already finite battery lifetimes.

Limited Data

Batteries force vendors to employ duty-cycling techniques to conserve a finite power supply.  This leads to gaps in the quality and quantity of application data that can often reduce efficacy and value.

Problem 2:
Today's Wireless Cannot Scale

Existing wireless protocols are not optimized for large-scale
wireless sensor networks deployed throughout the physical world.

Limited Range

Existing wireless protocols are unable to reliably cover sprawling industrial plants & facilities .

Limited Density

Existing wireless protocols are unable to support more than tens of devices per a single gateway.

Limited Penetrability

Existing wireless protocols are unable to overcome the many physical interferers in most real-world settings.

Solving the IoT's Scaling Challenges:
The Self-Powered IoT Platform

Everactive solved the battery problem and invented a wireless protocol optimized for hyperscale IoT networks.
Fundamental Differentiation

Everactive’s semiconductor advances enable the longest lasting, largest scale, and most cost-effective wireless sensor networks.  With power requirements up to 1,000x lower than competing solutions, small amounts of harvested energy can continuously and indefinitely power Everactive devices.  The applications are endless.

Real-Time Data at Massive Scale

With completely self-powered systems that never require battery replacements or ongoing maintenance, End Users can cost-effectively achieve site-wide coverage.  At such extreme energy efficiency, our sensors are simultaneously battery-free and always-on, which means continuous streams of actionable data.

Unlock Vast End User Value

End Users can realize significant operational efficiency, energy savings, environmental impact, health & safety improvements—or all of the above.  We focus on developing flexible functionality to allow Developers to collect a wide array of data to build truly innovative Applications.

A New Paradigm of Wireless Sensing

Data acquisition & management made easy so that you can realize your organization's connected products vision.


Everactive systems are both self-powered and always-on, which means that you’ll never be required to change a battery or lose data visibility due to power-conservation duty-cycling tricks.  Everactive means continuous data acquisition & transmission.


By overcoming the limitations of batteries and existing wireless networks, products built on top of Everactive’s technology can be deployed at a much greater scale to focus on what matters—getting users the data they need to make an impact.


Powered exclusively from “micro-renewable” energy, Everactive’s self-sustaining, always-on devices are the most eco-friendly option for IoT deployments, while also maximizing data throughput from impact-generating applications.

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