August 2022 Newsletter

A preview of coming trade shows, exciting new product launches, and more news on our IoT revolution!

Everactive’s Data-as-a-Service

We’re thrilled to launch the next chapter of the Everactive story with the arrival of our Hyperscale IoT Data-as-a-Service. We are opening up our technology platform to enable developers and system integrators of industrial monitoring solution providers with the ability to build flexible batteryless monitoring solutions.

It’s the same Everactive, same innovative thinking, same revolutionary technology, but we’re giving developers the tools to build exactly what they need to ensure efficiency and actionable insights in a cost-effective package.

For more information and to learn more on how to start developing your own maintenance tools, visit our Data-as-a-Services page.

The New and Improved MVM Sensor

The team at Everactive has also been hard at work with the new and improved iteration of our revolutionary Machine Vibration Monitoring sensor platform.

With our upgraded second generation of MVM sensors, users can experience robust data collection, reduced energy harvesting requirements, and expanded fault detection for all kinds of complex machine processes.

These sensors will keep your teams efficient, safe, and informed. Don’t believe us? Check out our brand new MVM at

What can the new Evergateway do for me?

Securely connecting high-value industrial data from the field to our developers and maintenance teams is no easy feat, that’s why we upgraded our patented Evergateway!

Our newly improved Evergateway enables seamless, reliable, and protected data transfer from close to 1000 always-on, batteryless Eversenors. This upgraded Evergateway represents the apex of efficiency, security, and connectivity in difficult to reach industrial environments.

For more information on its capabilities and how you can benefit from these new features, read more HERE.

Advanced Manufacturing Top 50 2022

We recently made the CBInsights Advanced Manufacturing Top 50 List!

The Advanced Manufacturing 50 is CB Insights’ annual list of the 50 most promising private advanced manufacturing companies in the world. This year’s inaugural winners cover everything from factory analytics & artificial intelligence (AI) to industrial internet of things (IIoT) cybersecurity.

CB Insights uses tailored methodologies to help large businesses ask, answer and articulate nuanced answers to difficult market questions – about scale, about competition and about the technological breakthroughs on the horizon. We’re excited and honored to be featured in such an eminent tech and business news publication like CBInsights as we both disrupt and revolutionize the Industrial IoT globally.

For more on our work changing the IoT landscape and the rest of the list, click here.

Food Automation & Manufacturing Symposium 2022

The Food Automation & Manufacturing Symposium and Expo is a 2-day event that brings food and beverage processors and suppliers together to gain valuable information on the latest trends and technologies in manufacturing, automation, sustainability, and food safety.

Developers and users should stop by our booth #213 to appreciate what complex, real-life processes and systems can be built upon our wireless sensing platforms along with learning from our industry experts presenting relevant and crucial case studies.

Rafael Reyes, Director, Product Marketing at Everactive, will be speaking at FA&M 2022. Rafael’s presentation “How Batteryless Sensors Unlock the True Potential of IoT” will discuss our groundbreaking leaps and the multifaceted benefits unlocked by our innovative platform.

FA&M provides a unique forum to industry leaders presenting essential solutions and educational sessions on a variety of topics for food and beverage manufacturers and gives attendees a vital opportunity to re-energize their careers in a highly productive networking event.

See you in Miami!

CBM + Reliability Connect 2022  

Powered by Mobius Institute, the CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT Live Training Conference, is designed specifically for condition monitoring professionals, maintenance managers and reliability engineers. From certification training, hands-on workshops, interactive learning sessions, and real-life case studies, this Live Training conference provides practical learning in the important aspects of industrial condition monitoring technologies.

This conference will provide certification training, hands-on workshops, demos for the latest technology, and real-life case studies, and you will have access to the test rig – where you can test and diagnose real-life faults.

This year Gary Kuhn, Director of Sales at Everactive, and Phil Reynolds, Maintenance Manager at Hershey’s will be speaking at CBM + Reliability 2022. Their case study, “Hershey’s Chocolate Factory on Finding a Sustainable Approach to Steam Trap Monitoring” will discuss the successful digital transformation embarked by Hershey’s in tackling pervasive steam trap failures with the help of Everactive.

Please stop by our booth #24 to learn more about our new batteryless Machine Vibration Monitors and how you can develop on top of our innovative IoT platform.

See you in Indianapolis!