Brewery Install for Steam Trap Monitoring with AB InBev


In this brewery install video, Everactive installation experts Gary Kuhn and Dakota Peregoy bring our upgraded steam trap monitoring solution, Steam Trap II, to global beverage giant AB InBev. In fact, Everactive works with a variety of global food and beverage manufacturers to reduce downtime and maximize plant safety. This video shows how quick and straightforward it is to implement IoT jn your firm’s operations. Since Eversensors feed off of light, heat, and other ambient energy in a wide variety of industrial settings, maintenance also becomes a breeze. Cheers!


Hi everyone! We’re here live on location at a customer here in Newark, New Jersey, AB InBev. And we’re installing one of the brand new Steam Trap II, our second generation of steam trap monitoring.


steam trap monitoring

A couple of the big features of the new sensor is extended range, where we’re getting about 800 feet in an industrial environment. So we’re going to start here we’re in a hard-to-get area underneath the heat exchanger. Dakota started putting one of the monitors on, it just takes a simple half inch wrench to tighten up. As you can see, I’m going to pan out here, our gateway is actually located through that door on the other side of the wall, so with these sensors we can cover a very big range. Back underneath, and now Dakota’s going to go ahead and put the sensor on.


But that’s it! That’s a complete install. We typically can do 50 to 100 sensors a day, connect hundreds of sensors to one gateway, and we can really get deployed in your plant quite quickly.

So if you’re looking to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint, contact Everactive! Have a great day!

That’s all it takes to do a brewery install with Everactive! Learn more about our steam trap monitoring and check out how this solution has been integrated with SAGE by Armstrong.