Everactive Achieves Significant Impact on Decarbonization & Data Capture in 2021

The Leader in Self-Powered Industrial IoT has Generated Over 1.5 Billion Data Points Using Less Energy Than it Takes to Brew 3 Pots of Coffee.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 12, 2022 — Everactive, maker of self-powered IoT systems, announced a record year for the potential cumulative effect its batteryless, self-sustaining technology had on industrial decarbonization driven by the demand for improvements in industrial sustainability using batteryless technology.

Assuming a full-year deployment among its growing customer base, Everactive’s industrial IoT applications had the impact of reducing CO2 emissions by 78,518 tons—the equivalent of removing 15,390 cars from the road each year. Customers also saved 1.3 million MMBTUs of energy throughout a single year—the equivalent of 38,046 U.S. homes being at ”net zero energy” for one year. In addition, Everactive’s self-powered industrial IoT products also produced a net annual savings of more than $7.4 million for customers in 2021 alone.

Everactive generated this impact with a miniscule energy footprint. Because Everactive’s self-powered IoT platform is built using the world’s lowest power custom semiconductors, its batteryless devices require only scarce amounts of micro-renewable “harvested energy”. Everactive solutions collect and analyze swaths of data using a fraction of the energy required of competing technologies. To put that into perspective, by the end of 2021, Everactive had transmitted in excess of 1.5 billion data packets using less energy that it takes to brew 3 pots of coffee.

Everactive received 5 awards in 2021 for its uniquely innovative technology and impact on sustainability: ABB Open Innovation Award, IoT Breakthrough Award, IDEA Innovation Award, CTMA Technology Competition People’s Choice Award and Process Expo Innovation Award.

Everactive added 3M and AB InBev to its list of clients among top-tier Fortune 500 companies which also includes Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, Hershey’s, Mars, and Merck.

To date, the company has received $116M in financial backing from traditional venture capital and strategic investors alike.  Alongside storied venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates, the corporate venture arms of 3M, Ericsson, Fluke Corporation, Standard Industries, and Armstrong International have invested in Everactive.

“About every decade a new class of computers has evolved that completely revolutionizes entire industries,” says Dr. David Wentzloff, Co-founder and Co-CTO at Everactive. “We’ve seen this from laptops, to mobile, to currently IoT. The next computing revolution is all about scale and that requires sustainable devices that harvest power from the environment and finally rid the IoT of batteries. This will fuel decades of growth with a windfall economic and environmental impact.”

For more information about Everactive’s environmental impact, visit our website or contact us at sales@everactive.com.