Everactive Wins Innovation Award for Batteryless Sensor Solutions In Food and Beverage Industry


IIoT Pioneer Everactive is Recognized for Top Technological Innovations in Processing for all Industry Segments in Food and Beverage

CHICAGO, IL, November 9th, 2021 — Organizers of Process Expo announced that Everactive, the category-defining batteryless Internet of Things (IoT) company, is a 2021 Innovation Showcase winner. The company received the award for its real-time batteryless monitoring solution in the Confectionary, Candy, & Sweets category for its work with candy giant The Hershey Company. The Innovation Showcase Award features 7 companies whose technological innovations have moved the Food and Beverage industry forward toward sustainability while increasing profits.

Everactive’s always-on, batteryless steam trap monitoring has helped Hershey’s plant achieve sustainable digital transformation. In the past, Hershey’s hired an outside agency to audit the plant’s steam system. This provided some information, but sporadic manual inspections still left the maintenance team with an incomplete picture of the status of the steam system. To address the inconsistencies, Hershey’s installed Everactive’s Steam Trap Monitor (STM) sensors to autonomously monitor and detect anomalies.

After several months with the STM system in place, Hershey’s estimates the plant has already seen thousands of dollars in steam system savings, and they are now piloting Everactive’s solution for Machine Health Monitoring (MHM).

Rafael Reyes, Director of Product Marketing at Everactive, said the company is excited about winning the Innovation Award, particularly as it continues to expand applications in Industrial IoT. ”Our batteryless and wireless technology applications are a force multiplier to operations and maintenance personnel in the Food and Beverage industry. With STM providing maintenance-free real-time insights about the status of steam traps across an entire system, food and beverage operations and maintenance personnel can address failures as they occur and bank significant energy and CO2 savings,” says Reyes who accepted the award on behalf of Everactive. Likewise, with Machine Health Monitoring (MHM) real-time, maintenance-free insights of the health of rotating equipment, such as motors, pumps, fans, and compressors, food and beverage operations and maintenance personnel can predict machine faults earlier and at a scale of deployment only possible with Everactive’s self powered sensors.

Everactive’s proprietary ultra-low-power technology is the foundation for completely batteryless and wireless IoT solutions. Requiring up to 1,000x less power than competing offerings, Everactive’s real-time asset monitoring solutions operate entirely—and continuously—from low levels of “harvested energy.” Wireless IoT sensors that never require battery maintenance can be deployed at a scale not possible with batteries in order to generate massive new data sets that unlock high-value operational insights for enterprises.


In collaboration with its partners, Everactive delivers the most scalable and cost-effective digital transformation solutions. The company’s proprietary low-power energy harvesting and wireless technology enables completely batteryless and always-on Internet of Things systems. Ruggedized for harsh industrial settings, Everactive Edge devices provide continuous insight into asset health across a range of equipment and throughout entire plants and facilities. The company has offices in Silicon Valley, Ann Arbor, and Charlottesville. For more information, please visit: www.everactive.com.