Everactive Industrial IoT API Integrates Batteryless Sensor Data into Leading Industrial Management and Resource Planning Platforms

Industrial IoT API Provides Unified View of Industrial Equipment; Makes it Easy to Access Steam Trap Monitoring (STM) and Machine Health Monitoring (MHM) Insights From Factory Management Platforms

SANTA CLARA, CA – Everactive, a technology company that sells category-defining batteryless, wireless Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, announced today an application programming interface (API) for easy integration of its batteryless sensor data into leading enterprise asset management (EAM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).

By replacing a battery with energy harvesting, Everactive makes it possible to have pervasive monitoring of critical steam traps and industrial machines. With this new Industrial IoT API, this data can be accessed by the systems that factories already have in place.

Written to the Open API 3.0 spec, the Everactive API consists of two modules: a RESTful API for querying and updating data, and webhooks for consuming events related to factory equipment. All Steam Trap Monitoring (STM) and Machine Health Monitoring (MHM) endpoint data is available through the API.

Through Everactive’s STM and MHM systems, batteryless sensors continuously collect and send data back to an Everactive web interface where customers can interact with the data. Until now, a pain point for customers was that the data was separated from other factory data such as flow metering or work order systems, for example. By using the Everactive API to integrate this data into the EAM, ERP or CMMS, facility operations managers can review and analyze data in one location.

“Everactive batteryless sensors bring continuous monitoring and real-time data from systems never before thought possible,” said Rob Cook, Principal Software Engineer at Everactive. “With this API, facility operations managers can maximize this valuable data by viewing Everactive data and all ecosystem data in one source to enable more powerful facility insights.”

Facility operations managers interested in the Everactive Industrial IoT API should contact their EAM, ERP or CMMS platform provider to confirm support for Open API 3.0.

For more information about Everactive’s batteryless solutions, visit https://everactive.com/.

About Everactive

Everactive produces data intelligence for the physical world. Operating without batteries, the company’s always-on wireless sensors deliver continuous cloud-based analytics at a scale not possible with battery-powered devices. Everactive’s end-to-end solutions are built upon groundbreaking advances in ultra-low-power circuit design and wireless communication that allow it to power its Eversensors exclusively from harvested energy. The company has developed the required networking and cloud software to deliver an out-of-the-box service focused on providing high-value insights from newly generated and self-sustaining data streams. For more information, please visit: www.everactive.com.