Machine Health Monitoring: Leading the Way Into Industry 4.0

As the Industrial Internet of Things continues to grow, Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, calls for the automation of traditional industrial practices using more smart technology. Everactive’s machine health monitoring solution delivers Industry 4.0 through its batteryless, wireless, always-on technology, find out how!


Plants have been tasked with Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 initiatives, but they haven’t fully taken off. These solutions should make life easier, not burden you with complex integrations, expensive hardware, and constant battery maintenance.

industry 4.0, internet of things

Industry 4.0 should cut maintenance costs, not add more. Everactive delivers Industry 4.0 at scale through always-on condition monitoring using proprietary chip technology. Everactive continuously measures and transmits data using only harvested energy; that means a constant stream of insights without ever having to change a battery. Combining that with a several hundred-meter wireless range, a thousand node gateway density, and an open-only services fee lets Everactive deliver the most scalable, sustainable, and cost-effective approach to Industrial IoT.

Everactive’s machine health monitoring enables real-time plant-wide insight: an automated, always-on first line of defense for equipment faults. Devices equipped with tri-axial accelerometers, temperature sensors, and magnetic field sensors stream data to the cloud where users receive threshold alerts. Forget wasting hours with manual maintenance, a 24/7 screening tool lets you direct resources only when and where they are required. Continuous data allows trained analysts to zero in on root cause issues such as misalignment, looseness, late-stage bearing failure, and more.

Machine health monitor MHM
Pictured above is the machine health monitoring (MHM) sensor attached to equipment.

Eversensors are designed for the harshest industrial environments and hazardous locations but setup could not be easier. Install one gateway to cover millions of square feet, attach Eversensors and energy harvesters for immediate power on and that’s it. View data right away in Evercloud or integrate into your data platform of choice with Everactive’s API. Obtain peace of mind from an always-on, batteryless, plant-wide screening tool to maximize uptime and optimize maintenance resources. Cost-effective, scalable, sustainable machine health monitoring. Find out what a world without batteries unlocks.