Sept 2022 Newsletter

A few refreshers on our tech, exciting new product testing, and more news on our IoT revolution!

Everactive Eval Kits are Here!

At Everactive, we’re opening up our technology platform to enable developers to build their own flexible batteryless monitoring solutions.

It’s the same Everactive, same innovative thinking, same revolutionary technology, but we’re giving developers the ready-made tools to build exactly what they need to innovate with a whole new category of products — batteryless IoT. 

For more information and to learn more on how to get your hands on a Eval Kit, visit our web store.

Happy Labor Day!

We’d love to wish our customers a belated Happy Labor Day! We, at Everactive, hope it was a joyous occasion to relax with your families and celebrate the summer one last time before getting into the swing of the fall.

International Programmers Day

International Programmers’ Day, celebrated on the 256th day of the year as it is the number of distinct values that can be represented with a byte, a value well known to programmers.

There is hardly anyone who does not benefit from the services of a programmer. Be it transportation or medicine, finance or education, programming is essential to the smooth functioning of modern society. Here’s to the hardworking and intrepid problem solvers and creators who are changing the world one line of code at a time!

Everactive’s Sustainable IoT Platform

Still curious about how our innovative modes of energy harvesting work? Unlike conventional battery-based sensors, our self-powered sensors have an infinite lifetime because harvested energy from minimal amounts of light, heat, and vibration can bring sensors back to life at any time.

In this white paper, we will walk you through how our batteryless and sustainable sensors can streamline your IoT development process from top to bottom.

How does the Evernet work?

We’re constantly thinking about how to expand our battery-free IoT platform, especially when it comes to questions of scale. Who or what is capable of efficiently overseeing and organizing dozens, hundreds, or thousands of data-rich sensors spread out in the field?

Enter our Evernet protocol: the FCC-compliant proprietary wireless networking solution designed to support a high density of batteryless devices. For more detail on how it works and why it’s secure click HERE.  

IoT Tech Expo 2022 

The 2022 IoT Tech Expo will showcase the most cutting-edge technologies from more than 350 exhibitors and perspectives from over 500 speakers from world-class organizations sharing their unparalleled industry insights and real-life experiences.

This is the event to explore the future of enterprise technology. John Greenfield, VP Business Development and Partnerships at Everactive, will be speaking at the “IoT and Data Connectivity” panel under the “Applied IoT & Analytics” track. The panel will discuss holistic approaches on how to move data from A-B, while keeping in mind SSP (security, safety, privacy).

​​​​​​See you in Santa Clara!

Our Living Labs Sandbox

Did you know that we use our alma maters as testing grounds for our wireless technology? At the University of Virginia and the University of Michigan we launched Living Labs, which both utilize campus facilities as a test bed and incubator for sustainability in an effort to develop innovative IoT breakthroughs that generate new and proven ways of responding to the challenges of modern society.

These Living Labs are an easy and seamless testing ground for developers to explore Everactive sensors in real-world conditions with your APIs and dashboards in mind. Experience real-time data collection, hard-to-believe energy harvesting requirements, and machine fault alerts first-hand.

Contact us here to open your free user account to begin test driving our Living Labs Sandbox and experience what our sustainable sensor platforms can do for developers and customers alike.

Pollution Prevention Starts with Us

During Pollution Prevention Week, the EPA celebrates and uplifts practices that reduce or prevent pollution from being released into the environment prior to recycling, treatment or disposal.

For more on how to make a positive impact at home and at work, visit the EPA’s Resources for Citizens page. At Everactive, keeping things sustainable is our thing, learn more about how we’re redefining renewable energy here.