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Continuously stream temperature, humidity, pressure, and movement data using dim light.

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Continuously stream temperature, humidity, pressure, and movement data using dim light.


Enter a new design paradigm.  Developers can now easily build connected products without worrying about power management, batteries, or network constraints.

Use this evaluation kit to test Everactive’s breakthrough hardware toolkit and managed network, which are purpose-built for the rapid design and deployment of low maintenance, always-on IoT systems.  The company’s proprietary technology stack enables new applications to scale to massive numbers of devices in previously un-monitored locations, each generating way more data than previously possible using conventional battery-powered alternatives.

With a comprehensive sensor package, integrated low-light photovoltaic harvester, and easy-to-use developer console, hardware engineers can explore sensing, harvesting, and wireless communication capabilities and software developers can integrate continuous data streams into existing and new applications.

The ENV+ Evaluation Kit provides product designers hands-on experience with the building blocks of hyperscale IoT applications.



  • (2) Eversensors
  • (1) Mini Evergateway (USB Dongle)
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor
  • Relative Humidity Sensor
  • Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
  • Triaxial Accelerometer
  • Low-Light PV Energy Harvester
  • Low-Power Evernet Protocol Connectivity
  • Developer Console for Data Visualization
  • Unlimited User Accounts per Kit
  • Sandbox Data + Virtual Sensors
  • Configurable Report & Transmit Rates
  • Integrate Data via API, Webhooks, or MQTT
  • Programming Board
  • Magnetic Attachment Plate
  • 1/4" - 20 Thread Mount Attachment

Additional information

Sensor Package

Accelerometer (3-axis), Ambient Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, Relative Humidity

Energy Harvesters


Eversensor Dimensions

5cm x 2cm

Evernet Frequency

915 MHz

Evernet Wireless Range

250 meters

Gateway Type

Apex Evergateway (commercial & industrial), Mini Evergateway (usb dongle)

Mini Dimensions

129mm x 45mm x 31mm

Evergateway Backhaul

Ethernet, Wi-Fi

Data Integration

MQTT, REST API, Webhooks

System Requirements

Computer with Intel processor, Internet connectivity, USB port