Machine Vibration
Evaluation Kit


Reliable 24/7 remote condition monitoring for motors, pumps, gear boxes, fans, and more.

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Reliable 24/7 remote condition monitoring for motors, pumps, gear boxes, fans, and more.


Always-on monitoring for all rotating equipment.

With Everactive, developers can easily build connected products without worrying about power management, batteries, or network constraints.

Everactive’s machine vibration monitoring (MVM) solution lets developers cost-effectively and easily deploy condition monitoring products at the “balance-of-plant” scale long imagined.  With 24/7 insight on all machinery, users can gain peace of mind while reducing downtime, improving efficiency, and extending asset life.

Going batteryless changes the entire approach to IoT condition monitoring solutions.  Without the overhead of battery maintenance, operators only need to visit machinery when they know that there is a problem—not to replace dying batteries.  With Everactive’s always-on, self-powered solutions, users receive a steady stream of continuous data, without having to throttle report rates to conserve battery life.

Each MVM Eversensor powers either from low levels of light (66 Lux) and/or small temperature differentials (8˚C / 15˚F) while streaming rich vibration, temperature, and magnetic field data every 60 seconds.  Such data empowers vibration analysts with the information to optimize critical maintenance resources in order to address issues before they lead to consequential failures.


  • Triaxial Accelerometer
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Magnetic Field Sensor
  • TEG and/or PV Energy Harvesting
  • Purpose-Built Evernet IoT Protocol
  • Overall Vibration Levels
  • Frequency Range: 6Hz - 1,000Hz
  • Frequency Magnitudes for Each Axis
  • 9-Highest FFT Peaks
  • VFD Output (Stator Excitation Frequency)
  • Configurable Report & Transmit Rates
  • Developer Console Data Visualization
  • Integrate Data via REST API, Webhooks, MQTT
  • Deploy on Motors, Pumps, Fans, Compressors
  • Magnetic, Stud, or Epoxy Mount

Additional information

Sensor Package

Accelerometer (3-axis), Ambient Temperature, Magnetic Field, Remote Temperature

Energy Harvesters

Photovoltaic, Thermoelectric Generator

Eversensor Dimensions

8cm x 5cm x 5cm

Evernet Frequency

868 MHz, 915 MHz

Evernet Wireless Range

250 meters

Gateway Type

Apex Evergateway (commercial & industrial), Mini Evergateway (usb dongle)

Apex Dimensions

20cm x 12cm x 7cm

Mini Dimensions

129mm x 45mm x 31mm

Evergateway Backhaul

Ethernet, LTE, LTE-M, Wi-Fi

Evergateway Ratings

Class I, Division 2, IP65

Data Integration

MQTT, REST API, Webhooks