Development Kit


This item will be released March 31, 2023.

Easily integrate sensors & energy harvesters that best fit your application needs.


Easily integrate sensors & energy harvesters that best fit your application needs.


Enter a new design paradigm.  Developers can now easily build connected products without worrying about power management, batteries, or network constraints.

Use this development kit to test Everactive’s breakthrough hardware and network, which are purpose-built for the rapid design and deployment of low maintenance, always-on IoT systems.  Everactive’s proprietary technology stack enables new applications to scale to massive numbers of devices in previously un-monitored locations, each generating way more data than previously possible using conventional battery-powered alternatives.

The default kit configuration ships with a low-light photovoltaic harvester and sensor board that measures temperature, humidity, and pressure.  However, with this versatile plug-and-play kit, hardware engineers and IoT developers can easily test a wide range of sensors and energy harvesters.  Users can integrate Mikroe click boards and any similar offering with an Arduino shield header (Seeed Studio Grove, Sparkfun Qwiic, Adafruit, and more).

The USB-powered Mini Evergateway allows users to stream data in real-time to Everactive’s Developer Console, where certain reference design data can be visualized and all data can be bridged to existing systems via a REST API, Webhooks, or MQTT channels.  Users are also able to track system performance to better understand the energy harvesting and wireless capabilities.  Within the Console, users can see time-series displays of energy usage and wireless signal strength.


  • Everactive Development Board
  • ST Evaluation Board (ARM Cortex-M33)
  • Arduino Click Shield
  • Default, On-Board BME 280 Sensor: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure
  • Low-Light PV Energy Harvester
  • Mini Evergateway (USB Dongle)
  • Low-Power Evernet Protocol Connectivity
  • Console for Data Visualization & Export
  • Data Sharing with Collaborators
  • Sandbox Data + Virtual Sensors
  • Configurable Report & Transmit Rates
  • Integrate Data via API, Webhooks, or MQTT