A 10 mV-Input Boost Converter With Inductor Peak Current Control and Zero Detection for Thermoelectric and Solar Energy Harvesting With 220 mV Cold-Start and 14.5 dBm, 915 MHz RF Kick-Start

A boost converter for thermoelectric energy harvesting in 130 nm CMOS achieves energy harvesting from a 10 mV input, which allows wearable body sensors to continue operation with low thermal gradients. The design uses a peak inductor current control scheme and duty cycled, offset compensated comparators to maintain high efficiency across a broad range of input and output voltages. The measured efficiency ranges from 53% at Vi = 20mV to a peak efficiency of 83% at Vi = 300mV. A cold-start circuit starts the operation of the boost converter from 220 mV, and an RF kick-start circuits starts it from -14.5 dBm at 915 MHz RF power.

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