A 116nW Multi-Band Wake-Up Receiver with 31- bit Correlator and Interference Rejection

This paper presents a 116nW wake-up radio complete with crystal reference, interference compensation, and baseband processing, such that a selectable 31-bit code is required to toggle a wake-up signal.

The front-end operates over a broad frequency range, tuned by an off-chip bandselect filter and matching network, and is demonstrated in the 402-405MHz MICS band and the 915MHz and  2.4GHz ISM bands with sensitivities of -45.5dBm, -43.4dBm, and -43.2dBm, respectively. Additionally, the baseband processor implements automatic threshold feedback to detect the presence of interferers and dynamically adjust the receiver’s sensitivity, mitigating the jamming problem inherent to previous energy-detection wake-up radios. The wake-up radio has a raw OOK chip-rate of 12.5kbps, an active area of 0.35mm2 and operates using a 1.2V supply for the crystal reference and RF demodulation, and a 0.5V supply for subthreshold baseband processing.

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