Maintenance-Free Industrial IoT

“Hardware-enabled SaaS” is our out-of-the-box approach to digitization.  No upfront costs, complicated integrations, or ongoing battery replacements.  Batteryless Eversensors start streaming value immediately through the Evercloud.

Self-Sustaining Wireless Sensor Networks

Realize your Smart Factory goals with Everactive’s end-to-end systems. Simple, flexible, and extensible solutions to solve all your sensing needs.


With our services model, easy cloud provisioning, and non-invasive devices that attach in minutes, we design our installs to be as simple as possible, so that we can free up time on your day job, not occupy it with cumbersome set-up.


Everactive systems are both self-powered and always-on, which means that you’ll never be required to change a battery or be forced to forego data visibility due to power-cycling tricks.  Everactive means continuous data collection, transmission, and analysis.


Continuous insight is streamed to the Evercloud, with critical real-time alerts and notifications delivered directly, so that you can dispatch resources accordingly, mitigate losses, and prevent costly downtime and other catastrophic events.

Insights-as-a-Service: the ease of software, applied to full-stack solutions

The purpose of connected technology is to make our lives easier. So, why not let it? On a subscription basis, Everactive handles the complicated parts so that you get what matters most—a continuous view into operational performance. Forget the days of steep capital outlays, lengthy installations, tedious integrations, years-long success measurements, and complex data management.  Sit back and let Everactive get to work.

Industrial Applications

Steam Trap Monitoring

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Machine Health Monitoring

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