Everactive’s whitepapers highlight our research on

Internet of Things technologies & applications.

Everactive’s Evernet Protocol: Unlocking the Internet of Things at Scale

This paper will outline how Everactive has solved the IoT’s wireless networking problem with its proprietary Evernet protocol, delivering all of the above features within the company’s patented batteryless footprint.

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Overcoming the Battery Obstacle

The trillion-node IoT must eliminate the battery. A three-part series.


Imagine you were to deploy 10,000 Industrial IoT devices across your facilities

Why Self-Powered Sensors are the Game-Changer

Problem Statement

What will happen if battery-powered IoT devices roll out in the tens of billions?

8 Reasons Why Batteries Restrict Cost-Effective IIoT Deployments

The Two-Pronged Solution

The industry’s first and only integrated, full-stack pervasive-sensing platform where the entire environment is self-powered.

Insights-as-a-Service Platform