September 2021 Newsletter

Batteryless IoT News

In this issue, Everactive announces partnership with Armstrong International, EETimes names Everactive “Top Dog of Energy Harvesting”, and we invite you to several conferences in October to learn more about our wireless and batteryless technology and check out Everactive’s Co-founder David Wentzloff and Applications Engineer Tom Ross presentations.


We Hope You Had a Happy Labor Day Weekend! 

As we celebrated Labor Day this past weekend, we would like to honor all those who tried and won; who tried and failed; who embraced the challenges of life and worked hard to meet them. This holiday was the time to commemorate each and every effort made to advance, and the enthusiasm of working with dedication. We wish that you work harder and achieve all your dreams. We wish you success and glory. We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day!

Everactive Offers Free Expo Pass For WEFTEC 2021

When you use promo code 1536EVITE when registering.

WEFTEC brings together the full breadth of the water sector in one place to explore, learn, network, and strengthen your connection to the water community.

We would like you to join us at WEFTEC in Chicago, IL from August 3rd to the 5th. Register for a free expo pass when you use promo code 1536EVITE. Everactive will be exhibiting its wireless and batteryless innovative technology inside WEFTEC Innovation Pavilion at booth # 2905, ​​​​where we will have a live demo of our Machine Health Monitor (MHM) and Steam Trap Monitor (STM) solutions.

See you in Chicago!


Everactive and Armstrong International Partner on Smart Steam Trap Management With Real-Time Batteryless Monitoring 

Steam Trap Management Industrial IoT Solution Combines Everactive’s Batteryless Sensors and Armstrong’s Deep Thermal Energy Expertise. 

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 31, 2021 – Everactive, the category-defining batteryless Internet of Things (IoT) company, today announced the integration of its real-time monitoring technology with Armstrong International’s SAGE® steam trap management software. Armstrong International, a global leader in efficient thermal energy solutions, in combination with Everactive’s continuous monitoring systems, offers a best-in-class solution for minimizing steam losses and reducing the associated energy costs and excess CO2 emissions.

The partnership between Everactive and Armstrong demonstrates the power of smart technology to significantly impact the industrial sector as it continues to modernize and provide efficiencies across all industries. Batteryless sensors offer the most cost-effective method of monitoring at scale by providing maintenance-free, reliable, always-on wireless technology. Armstrong’s steam trap management offers deep resources and knowledge to further optimize valuable steam systems that are at the heart of process manufacturing, petrochemical refining, and district energy operations.

“The integration of our steam trap monitoring solution into Armstrong’s SAGE® software represents a powerful one-two punch of new technology and industrial domain expertise that stands to drive tremendous savings for our joint customers,” says John Greenfield, VP of Partnerships at Everactive. “Adding scalable, real-time monitoring to Armstrong’s suite of trap management tools will help a range of industries realize their energy reduction, cost-savings, and decarbonization goals.”

Everactive’s ultra-low-power semiconductors require one-thousand times less power than competing circuits. Their sensor devices can therefore generate enough power from small amounts of “harvested energy” to continuously measure, process and wirelessly transmit equipment and infrastructure health data from a range of industrial assets, including steam traps. By identifying and reacting to trap failures as they occur, the integrated solution lets customers minimize steam loss and thereby reduces energy costs and excess CO2 emissions associated with wasted steam. For a single plant, this can be measured in millions of dollars and thousands of tons of CO2, resulting in maximum efficiency and reliability while minimizing IT infrastructure footprint.

“At Armstrong International, the benefits of a smarter and scalable approach to steam trap management aligns with our goal of assisting companies on their decarbonization goals, including energy cost reduction,” said Doug Bloss, president CEO at Armstrong. “Our integration with Everactive’s wireless technology represents a tangible, quantifiable digital transformation for us with limitless potential in application and scalability. This ultimately continues our legacy of employing new technologies to improve profitability and advance innovation for our customers around the world.”

For more information about Everactive’s steam trap monitoring solutions, visit our website or contact us at sales@everactive.comFor more information about Armstrong International, please visit


Everactive Welcomes You At Reliable Plant 2021

Learn more about the benefits of wireless batteryless sensing.

Reliable Plant inspires machine reliability through knowledge sharing, hands-on product exposure and networking among peers. Inspirational case studies and answer-oriented learning sessions inform attendees of industry best practices, while an exhibit hall filled with innovative technologies equipt end users with the tools needed to implement world-class reliability in their plants.

This year, Tom Ross, Everactive’s Applications Engineer Manager, will be showcased at the conference. Tom’s presentation “A Blueprint for Deploying the IIoT Within Your Organization” will discuss the limitations of battery-powered sensors, the groundbreaking industry advances that have enabled completely self-powered sensors, and the benefits unlocked by this innovation.

We would like you to visit us at Reliable Plant in Louisville, KY from October 19th to the 21st and join Tom’s presentation to learn more about our wireless and batteryless technology. Then stop by our booth # 119, where we will have a live demo of our Machine Health Monitor (MHM) and Steam Trap Monitor (STM) solutions. Tom will be there to answer any of your questions.

See you in Louisville!


Everactive – Batteries Not Included

A disruptive technology based on a Frist Principle Thinking approach.

Nanalyze, a financial research firm that focuses on examining disruptive technology trends, recently published a deep dive on Everactive, its technology and what it could mean to the future of IoT. In their article “Everactive: Battery-Free IoT Sensors for Industrial IoT” Nanalyze argues (and we agree with them) that the solution to IoT scaling is not to develop a battery that can last for 10 years or more, but to eliminate the battery completely from the equation. The article provides an overview of our Steam Trap Monitor (STM), Machine Health Monitor (MHM) and our seamless “As-a-Service” solutions.
To learn more about Everactive’s wireless batteryless technology visit our website or contact us at

Join Everactive At AEE World 2021

Experience a live demo of our wireless and batteryless industrial IoT solutions.

AEE World ushers energy leaders speaking on important energy efficiency and energy management topics. It also provides a platform to discuss case studies, applications, success stories, innovations in technology and service improvements to the energy management professionals. And a wide range of industry-leading companies presents energy-efficient products, energy management services, and solutions.

We would like to invite you to join Everactive at the AEE World Energy Conference and Expo in New Orleans, LA from Oct. 20th to the 22nd. Visit us at our booth #319 to check out our Steam Trap Monitor (STM), Machine Health Monitor (MHM) solutions and answer any questions you might have.

See you in New Orleans!

EETimes Names Everactive “Top Dog of Energy Harvesting IoT”

Dan Jones presents the list of startups that are helping make IoT devices batteryless.

In his recent article “Energy Harvesting Startups Could Power Some IoT Dreams” Dan Jones, veteran reporter from Electrical Engineering Times, provides a brief historical recount of the origins of wireless power and how batteryless startups are taking the baton from Nicola Tesla to continue to leverage the benefits of energy harvesting to fuel the growth of IoT devices.

Dan says that the reason is obvious “Removing batteries from the industrial equation cuts costs and reduces the hours that people spend replacing them. Using batteryless equipment in industrial and consumer settings could also greatly reduce the number of batteries that are thrown into landfills around the globe. It is estimated that 3 billion batteries a year are discarded in the U.S. alone!”

To learn more about Everactive’s wireless batteryless solutions visit our website or contact us at

Free Registration for IFMA World Workplace 2021

Visit our booth # 928 to learn more about our wireless and batteryless technology. 

IFMA World Workplace 2021 presents the most constructive information and innovative insights on the new world of work including:​​​​​

  • Tactics for creating healthy, sustainable, whole-person spaces.
  • Methods for building inclusive workplace experiences.
  • Technology how-to’s for better facility control.
  • Hands-on access to new and necessary products and services.
  • Real-world action plans for safeguarding lives and assets.
  • Strategies for heightening operational agility and resilience.

We would like you to join us at IFMA World Workplace in Orlando, FL from October 26rd to the 5th. Register here for a free expo pass compliments of Everactive. We will be exhibiting its wireless and batteryless innovative technology  at booth # 928, ​​​​where we will have a live demo of our Machine Health Monitor (MHM) and Steam Trap Monitor (STM) solution.

See you in Orlando!

Visit Everactive at SMRP 2021

David Wentzloff, Everactive Co-Founder, will discuss how self powered sensors can fuel industrial IoT adoption. 

Join ‎fellow maintenance, reliability and physical asset management ‎professionals from across the globe for four days of education, ‎networking and innovation at SMRP 29th Annual Conference in St. Louis, MO October 25th to the 28th.

​​​​​​David Wentzloff, Everactive’s Co-Founder and Co-CTO will be presenting at SMRP’s Emerging Technologies track. In David’s presentation “Batteryless Sensors unlock the True Potential of the IoT” you will learn about the technology advances that have enabled wireless self powered sensors, the current applications and how the technology is expected to continue developing in the future.

After enjoying David’s presentation visit our booth # 808 for a live demo of our our Machine Health Monitor (MHM) and Steam Trap Monitor (STM) solutions. David will be there to answer any of your questions and provide more information about our wireless and batteryless technology.

See you in St. Louis!

David Wentzloff to Speak at MIT EmTech 2021

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience his presentation “Internet of Things: Batteries Not Included.” 

For more than 20 years, EmTech Conference has brought together global innovators, change makers, thought leaders, technologists, and industry veterans to help leaders take advantage of what’s probable, plausible, and possible with the most significant technology trends.

We are thrilled to announce that this year David Wentzloff Co-Founder & Co-CTO of Everactive will be showcased at EmTech Conference. His presentation “Internet of Things: Batteries Not Included” explores the latest advances in battery-free, low-maintenance devices that enable monitoring in previously unreachable areas.

If you want to catch David’s presentation register for EmTech Virtual conference here. David will be online at the conference’s Living on the Edge track at 4:30pm ET.

Don’t miss it!

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