Self-Powered Insights
for the Physical World

Operating without batteries, Everactive wireless sensors generate a new class of data for the analytics of the future Industrial IoT.

Batteryless, Wireless
Sensor Networks

Advances in ultra-low-power circuits and wireless communication allow us to power always-on Eversensors exclusively from low levels of harvested energy from the surrounding environment, creating the data-collection foundation of our full-stack Industrial IoT solutions.

Industrial IoT

Batteryless Eversensors are easier to install, can be deployed at a much larger scale, and cost significantly less to operate than battery-powered devices; at the other end of our system, the Evercloud automatically transforms a wealth of new data into high-value, actionable insights.

Data Revolution

Systems of self-sustaining sensors unlock the promise and scale of the Factory of the Future, maximizing returns on insights that reduce costs, optimize asset utilization, improve sustainability, and boost efficiency throughout a range of now-connected environments.

Break free from the battery

Batteries cannot power the Industrial IoT at scale.  Deploying billions of battery-powered sensors could ultimately undermine 80% of the IoT’s value as a result of manual maintenance requirements, gaps in data due to finite lifespans and power-conservation techniques, and the environmental harm caused by the production and disposal of such a massive quantity of batteries.

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Collect data where others can’t

With an overwhelming percentage of today’s connected data still both user-generated and digitally native, there stands an enormous opportunity to extract and analyze meaningful data from trillions of physical-world items.  Everactive extends the reach of today’s Industrial IoT by monitoring assets where other can’t, generating an enormous new class of data to feed our ever-growing machine learning and artificial intelligence models.

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Automate insights and analysis

An explosion of new data is only useful if it can be transformed into actionable insights.  At Everactive, we’ve innovated all the way up the stack to the cloud software layer.  We offer “insights-as-a-service,” running your data through our analytics engines to generate automated alerts, notifications, and status updates so that you act only when and where it is required.

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