Everactive Overview: Self-Powered Technology

Everactive is a deep technology company whose self-powered IoT origins stretch back over a decade to the pioneering ultra-low-power circuit research of our co-founders at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Upon receiving their doctorates, each took teaching positions at their respective alma maters—the University of Virginia and the University of Michigan.  After several years of incubation and several groundbreaking proof points for self-powered IoT systems, the technology was licensed out of those two universities; Everactive was born. Using batteryless, wireless technologies, we are creating the sensors of the future.

What follows is a transcript of the above video. Please contact us if you have any questions about Everactive’s technology and services.

In the age of data, businesses are looking to sensors to collect and report crucial information. But today’s wireless solutions require batteries, and that means replacement costs and additional maintenance to ensure uptime — making large scale sensor networks logistically and financially prohibitive. Any time or cost saved by the sensors is often lost in their upkeep – until now. Everactive has solved the battery problem.

Everactive’s game-changing solution removes the battery altogether. How do we do this? With revolutionary self-powered technologyRunning at up to 1,000 times less power than other solutions, incorporating all of the required sensing processing and wireless communication, our sensor devices are powered entirely from harvested energy. But we didn’t stop there: we developed entire systems that you can easily deploy to capture and analyze new and actionable insights.

Our solution is ready to go out-of-the-box. Installation and operation couldn’t be easier. With Everactive’s insights-as-a-service, you can monitor infrastructure and equipment to generate real-time alerts; track machine health to facilitate predictive maintenance that reduces downtime; granularly sense environmental conditions of factories and clean rooms to ensure safety and compliance; and leverage Everactive’s batteryless systems to collect data where others can’t. With Everactive’s batteryless systems, the possibilities are endless.

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