Everactive Solutions Overview: Batteryless, Energy-Efficient Sensing


Modern industrial environments are powered by thousands of assets that require manual inspections to ensure uptime and reliability. Everactive is bringing a family of self powered sensors to industry that will reduce operating costs, conserve energy, and unlock new insights into the performance of industrial assets. Using proprietary low-power technology, Eversensors can harvest energy from the same assets they’re monitoring. Just a slight temperature differential vibration or the presence of light can power these sensors continuously without a battery.

Everactive’s steam trap monitor uses a thermoelectric generator to power the device and thermistors to measure the trap’s operational state. The Eversensor for machine health monitoring features a three axis accelerometer and a magnetometer. It’s powered by a thermoelectric generator that can also report the temperature on the motor or driven equipment. All of our sensors are designed to retrofit to your existing equipment in a non-invasive installation without specialized tools. This empowers you to start gathering data faster without interrupting production.

Each Evernet gateway can support up to a thousand sensors, enabling you to cover more assets without compromising the speed or frequency of your data gathering. After the network is established, you can connect to Evercloud from any web browser to see trends and summary judgments about your steam trap or motors behavior from anywhere in the world.

Evercloud uses a sophisticated analytic suite to detect failures and anomalies, alerting you via email when equipment is in need of repair and wasting energy. Evercloud for a machine health monitoring gives you up-to-the-minute data from the frequency domain available in time-series tables or charts to help you understand complex systems with context-continuous monitoring, with real-time data delivered with actionable insight to help you save energy and run more efficiently.

Everactive steam trap monitor and machine health monitor combine to give you a holistic picture of the energy consumption of two leading causes of energy waste. Evercloud empowers you to find problems faster, analyze trends across all of your equipment, and fix problems before they affect your process, all without ever changing a battery.

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