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IIoT Blueprint for Success - New Infographic on Selecting the Right IIoT Solution

Just like that we’re in the final weeks of 2019 and preparing to enter a new decade. As the year winds down and you’re preparing your strategy for 2020, you may be considering the benefits that an Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT solution could bring to your organization in the new year.

You’ve heard the promises of IIoT – an explosion of data from physical-world assets that enables organizations to achieve reduced costs, lowered energy usage and an overall efficiency boost. Yet despite these benefits, IIoT adoption has been slower than expected.

Why is that?

We’ve found that this is due as much to the complexity of existing market offerings as it is due to the complexity of organizations themselves. But we’re here to help! Today, we are publishing our IIoT Blueprint infographic for choosing the right solution.

The market is flooded with vendors who have latched onto the buzzwords and promises associated with the IIoT. But what do these vendors offer and, more importantly, what should you be looking for from an IIoT partner?

To help you achieve success in implementing an IIoT solution in 2020, our infographic outlines the four criteria for selecting a solution that will maximize returns within your organization. Criteria explored includes finding a solution provider that:

  • Does not add maintenance
  • Serves as a “one-stop-shop”
  • Can be a long-term partner
  • Offers an “as-a-services” model

You can download the infographic here for an in-depth look at the four criteria listed above.

If saving on energy costs, reducing downtime, improving safety or shrinking your carbon footprint are part of the 2020 goals for your organization, contact Everactive to learn how our batteryless sensors and always-on analytics can help.

You can also try our STM savings calculator to learn how much you could save each year with our Steam Trap Monitoring solution, which continually collects, transmits, and analyzes all of your steam trap data, offering a holistic view of the performance of your entire steam system.

And stay tuned for more helpful content in the new year to help you align internal stakeholders for implementing your preferred IIoT solution and how to scale beyond the proof of concept!