NetEvents Recognizes Everactive Batteryless Technology with Hot Start-Up – IoT Award

We’re thrilled to share that Everactive’s batteryless technology received the NetEvents 2019 Innovation Award for Hot Start-Up – IoT!

Everactive was first selected as a finalist and we were then invited to give a five-minute elevator-pitch presentation before an audience of technology leaders, press and analysts at the NetEvents Global Press & Analyst Summit on the October 3, 2019, at the Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California.

The Silicon Valley judging panel of VCs included: Hiro Rio Maeda, Managing Director, DNX Ventures; Peter Kuper, Managing Director, ClearSky; & Neil Weintraut, Partner, Motus Ventures. The judging panel of VCs presented the Hot Start-Up awards on stage at the NetEvents Global IT Summit.

Everactive won the Hot Start-Up – IoT award for its batteryless industrial internet of things (IIoT) solution for steam trap monitoring.

Batteryless Technology

 While industrial sensors can provide valuable insights for reduced downtime, environmental harm and overall costs, batteries continue to be an inherent roadblock. For a mid-sized factory or plant, batteries quickly add up as sensors are deployed across motors, steam traps, and more. By outfitting industrial equipment with battery-powered sensors, users trade one maintenance event for another, limiting the value of the sensors designed to reduce wasted resources.

But Everactive is changing that with its Eversensors, powered exclusively from harvested energy from heat or indoor light, therefore eliminating the need for a battery.

The batteryless Eversensors are placed throughout a facility to provide a continuous view into the operating health of equipment and infrastructure, reporting through a gateway that connects thousands of Eversensors back up to the Evercloud, a cloud-based analytics service that displays the insights and alerts from these Eversensors. This offers the ability to realize the value of the IoT by scattering wireless, connected devices at scale without requiring any battery maintenance.

Steam Trap Monitoring

The first application of our batteryless technology is aimed at steam traps. Steam traps are critical components in the vast steam systems utilized worldwide for manufacturing, power-generation, heating, sterilization, and other processes, but exhibit surprisingly high failure rates. Our Steam Trap Monitor (STM) is designed to help the notoriously faulty steam traps located throughout petrochemical refineries, continuous manufacturing facilities, and facilities that rely upon district energy.

NetEvents 2019 Innovation Awards

The NetEvents 2019 Innovation Awards celebrate the year’s most significantly innovative start-ups and established companies in the fast-growing internet of things (IoT), Cloud/Datacenter and Cybersecurity arenas. All money raised from the award entry fees is being shared between three charities: Prostate Cancer Research, STEM and UNICEF. This year’s charitable contributions brought the total raised to date to over $137,000.