October 2021 Newsletter

Batteryless IoT News. In this issue, Everactive wins honorable mention at IDEA Innovation Awards; Fluke integrates Everactive Edge technology into their Fluke 3562 Analysis Vibration Sensor; Bob Nunn and Kurt Armstrong discuss our partnership; get a free exhibit pass for Process Expo 2021, and much more!​​​​​​



Everactive Wins Honorable Mention at IDEA Innovation Awards!

Learn more about the benefits of wireless batteryless sensing during the conference presentation and then visit our booth for a live demo!

On Tuesday, September 28 at the IDEA 2021 Annual Conference in Austin, Texas, IDEA presented Everactive and the University of Virginia with the Honorable Mention of 2021 IDEA Innovation Award for their submission, Application of Everactive Wireless Batteryless Continuous Steam Trap Monitoring at UVA Steam Distribution System. The award was presented in person at the IDEA Networking and Recognition Lunch to Rafael Reyes, Director of Product Marketing at Everactive and Paul Zmick, Director of Energy and Utilities at UVA.

In March 2020 UVA started to use Everactive’s Steam Trap Monitoring (STM) solution. UVA had 384 continuously monitored traps and by March 2021, a total of 14 steam trap failures were recorded. With Everactive’s STM solution, UVA was able to repair all 14 failed traps shortly after they were identified, resulting in a reduction of steam energy loss of 18,103 MMBTUs, a reduction of 953 tons of CO2 (equivalent to 107,186 gallons of gasoline consumed) and reduction of $114,547 in energy cost. Resulting in a combined 90% reduction in steam energy loss, CO2 emissions and energy cost.

Each year, the IDEA Innovation Award continues to showcase the ingenuity, know-how and desire to find a solution to any challenge so prevalent within our member community. As IDEA President and CEO Rob Thornton notes, “The IDEA 2021 Innovation Award is representative of the powerful impact of collaboration within the district energy industry, where technology providers assist operators and end-users with implementing and optimizing energy and resource efficiency. At a granular level, the IDEA Innovation Award showcases how and where best practices produce positive results and paves the way for replication and wider adoption.“

Congratulations to our customer UVA as well as to our small and mighty team of Everactive’s employees that made this recognition possible. Go Everactive!


Fluke Reliability and Everactive partner on batteryless machine condition monitoring solutions

The new Fluke 3562 vibration sensor launches to help maintenance teams pinpoint machine faults before failure. 

EVERETT, Wash., October 7th, 2021 – Fluke Reliability, a world leader in machine condition monitoring devices and cloud-based maintenance software, has partnered with Everactive, a technology company that sells category-defining, batteryless Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, to develop next generation wireless vibration sensors. The first result of this collaboration, the batteryless Fluke 3562 Screening Vibration Sensor system, launched this summer. It’s a “set it and forget it” wireless vibration sensor that operates continuously, even in hard-to-reach places.

The Fluke 3562 Screening Vibration Sensor is powered by Everactive® Edge technology, which leverages proprietary circuits that can draw all required energy from a machine’s heat or the light in the room using thermoelectric or photovoltaic energy harvesters. The technologically advanced vibration sensor screens overall vibration levels, temperature, and humidity, as well as trends the highest FFT peaks by magnitude.

“Powering vibration sensors to monitor machine health has always been a challenge that leads to compromises,” said Fluke Reliability President Ankush Malhotra. “By teaming with Everactive, we’ve developed an always-on solution that delivers continuous monitoring to a broader number of machines, enabling widespread coverage across plants.”

The new collaboration came after Fluke led a $35M Series C financing round earlier this year to help accelerate Everactive’s commercial growth.

“The partnership with Fluke represents a tremendous leap forward for industrial internet solutions,” said Everactive CEO, Bob Nunn. “Marrying Everactive’s expertise in self-powered scalable sensors and Fluke’s deep domain expertise can bring valuable products to market that drive quantifiable savings and efficiencies for customers.”  

Using ‘harvested energy’ to power sensor systems
Spun out of the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia in 2012, Everactive develops self-powered IoT systems. Everactive’s harvesters leverage its proprietary ultra-low-power semiconductors, which require 1,000 times less power than competing circuits. With this technology, the Fluke 3562 system can generate enough power from small amounts of “harvested energy” to continuously measure, process, and wirelessly transmit equipment and infrastructure health data from a range of industrial assets.

Removing the battery from the equation enables new types of pervasive condition monitoring while cost-effectively digitizing thousands of physical assets across a plant to maximize uptime, optimize maintenance costs, and improve environmental, health, and safety.

Cutting-edge technology combined with software and services
The revolutionary system also features an Everactive’s ultra-penetrating sub-GHz radio communication protocol that allows up to 1,000 Fluke 3562 vibration sensors to communicate with a single gateway up to 800 feet away. When combined with the cloud-based LIVE-Asset™ Portal software, it lets users visualize trend data and trigger alert notifications using custom-set parameters.

The system also operates on the same software platform used by the new Fluke 3563 Analysis Vibration Sensor, meaning users can now monitor the health of critical, semi-critical, and important machines via a single dashboard.

The Fluke 3562 Screening Vibration Sensor system is currently available in US and Canada, with plans to expand to other countries in the coming months. For more information on the Fluke 3562 Vibration Sensor screening system visit: https://www.fluke.com/en-us/product/condition-monitoring/vibration/3562.

Everactive, the category-defining batteryless Internet of Things (IoT) company, today announced the integration of its real-time monitoring technology with Armstrong International’s SAGE® steam trap management software. Armstrong International, a global leader in efficient thermal energy solutions, in combination with Everactive’s continuous monitoring systems, offers a best-in-class solution for minimizing steam losses and reducing the associated energy costs and excess CO2 emissions.

For more information about Everactive’s technology, visit our website or contact us at sales@everactive.com. For more information about Fluke please visit www.fluke.com.

Everactive Offers Free Exhibit Hall Pass for Process Expo 2021

When you use promo code 75385 when registering in the link below

Process Expo showcases all aspects of the food and beverage processing and packaging industry, uniting all industry sectors. The event represents the pinnacle of food technology bringing together the world’s most successful food and beverage processors, packaging professionals, equipment manufacturers, and leaders in the field of academia.

We would like you to join us at Process Expo in Chicago, IL from November 2nd to the 5th. REGISTER HERE for a free exhibit hall pass when you use promo code 75385Everactive will be exhibiting its wireless and batteryless innovative technology at booth # 22078, ​​​​where we will have a live demo of our Machine Health Monitor (MHM) and Steam Trap Monitor (STM) solutions.

See you in Chicago!

Everactive Welcomes You To The Best Practices Expo 2021

David Wentzloff, Everactive Co-Founder, will discuss how self powered sensors can improve reliability and reduce maintenance cost of compressors.

The Best Practices Expo is devoted to optimizing on-site utilities including compressed air, blower, vacuum, pneumatics, motors, steam and cooling water systems with the focus on achieving environmental sustainability goals with energy/water conservation measures. The program unites technology and system assessment experts with manufacturing/process industry leaders who have profitably reduced their energy and water consumption, lowered operating costs and minimized their carbon footprint.

We are jazzed to announce that this year David Wentzloff, Co-Founder & Co-CTO of Everactive, will be showcased at Best Practices’ TRACK 1: Compressed Air Reliability, Automation & Efficiency. His presentation “Batteryless Sensors for Vibration Monitoring in Compressed Air Systems” where you will learn about the technology advances that have enabled wireless self powered sensors, the applications for vibration monitoring for compressed air, and how the technology is expected to continue developing in the future.

If you want to catch David’s presentation join Session #2 Compressed Air System Automation & Measurement on Wednesday November 3rd from 8:00am to 12:00p. Don’t miss it!

See you in Chicago!


Visit Everactive At 2021 MIT Digital Technology and Strategy Conference 

Accelerating Success Through Industrial Digital Transformation, Boston, MA – October 13th to the 14th.

MIT Digital Technology and Strategy Conference explores the latest research from across the Institute and its potential impact across industries. The conference highlights where MIT continues to generate cutting-edge research in numerous areas, such as quantum computing, satellite communications, AI, drones, process automation beyond robotics, predictive analytics, technology strategy, digital transformation, and others.

We are please to announce that John Greenfield, VP of Partnership at Everactive, will be featured at the MIT Digital Technology & Strategy. John’s presentation “Always On Sensing, No Batteries Required” explores the latest advances in battery-free, low-maintenance devices that enable monitoring in previously unreachable areas.

If you want to catch John’s presentation join the session MIT Startup Exchange Lightning Talks on Wednesday October 13th at 12:00p. Don’t miss it!

See you in Boston!


Bob Nunn & Kurt Armstrong Livestream 

Discuss the ongoing partnership, the global move towards decarbonization and how monitoring steam traps can help reduce CO2 emissions. 

Armstrong’s CIO, Kurt Armstrong, and Everactive’s CEO, Bob Nuun deep dive into how our partnership can accelerate decarbonization for our shared customers, by synergistically leveraging Everactive’s wireless and batteryless Steam Trap Monitoring solutions and Armstrong’s SAGE Steam Trap Management system.

For more information about Everactive’s Steam Trap Monitoring solutions, visit our website or contact us at sales@everactive.com



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