Ultra-Low-Power Wireless
Enabling Batteryless IoT

More Data from More Places

Empowering developers to build IoT products without worrying about power management, batteries, or network constraints.

Step-Change in Wireless Power Requirements

A 1,000x reduction in fully integrated systems-on-chip and wireless networking let us power versatile and always-on wireless devices exclusively from low levels of energy harvested from the surrounding environment to overcome the limitations of batteries and sub-optimal wireless network that have prevented developers from achieving hyperscale IoT.

Always-On, Infinite-Lifetime Wireless Sensor Networks

With our modules, developers no longer have to make trade-offs between lifetime, data quality, and scale.  At such lower power, Everactive technology still packs a significant punch.  Our batteryless devices can measure a wide range of sensing inputs, process data on-chip, and wirelessly transmit robust data continuously at long range.

Data Explosion

Systems of self-sustaining sensors unlock the promise of a hyperscale Internet of Things so that developers can maximize returns on digital transformation investments, instantly reducing costs, optimizing asset utilization, and improving sustainability throughout a range of now-connected environments.

Hyperscale Internet of Things

Ultra-low-power breakthroughs enable developers to build always-on, zero maintenance wireless IoT devices that generate way more data than ever before.

Hyperscale IoT

(hy●per●scale i●o●t) n

  1. High-density wireless sensor networks that generate many more data points in space much more frequently in time.

  2. A self-sustaining physical-world data fabric that delivers new, high-value insights to improve the quality & efficiency of peoples’ lives.

  3. The full potential of the Internet of Things.

Break free from the battery

Batteries cannot power the Internet of Things at scale.  Deploying billions of battery-powered sensors could ultimately undermine 80% of the IoT’s value as a result of manual maintenance requirements, gaps in data due to finite lifespans and power-conservation techniques, and the environmental harm caused by the production and disposal of such a massive quantity of batteries.

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Collect data where others can’t

With an overwhelming percentage of today’s connected data still both user-generated and digitally native, there stands an enormous opportunity to extract and analyze meaningful data from trillions of physical-world items.  Everactive’s self-powered toolkit extends the reach of today’s Internet of Things by monitoring assets where other can’t, generating an enormous new class of hyperscale IoT data to feed our developers’ ever-growing machine learning and artificial intelligence models.

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Integrate rich new data streams

An explosion of new data is only useful if it can be transformed into actionable insights.  At Everactive, we’ve innovated all the way up the stack to the data management layer to ensure that our developers receive high-quality data.  As part of our managed network offering, we handle connectivity, security, and network uptime reliability, while making it easy for developers to integrate data via a range of options.  Developers can focus on transforming these new, rich, hyperscale IoT data streams into applications that deliver actionable insights to their end users.

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